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The Team behind LearnBNB

Symon He

Symon He is the co-author of Airbnb for Dummies, available from Wiley Publishing (Q3 2020) and the author of Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide, available from ClydeBank Media (Q3 2020).

Symon is a co-founder of LearnBNB.com, a leading online educational destination for all things Airbnb hosting and short term rentals. His research and works have been cited in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Forbes, CNBC, and SKIFT. Through his training and coaching programs, he has worked directly with thousands of aspiring Airbnb hosts to jumpstart their short term rental journeys. His training programs have been featured by prominent third-party partners, including a previous joint venture with RichDad.com.

Symon is also a best-selling instructor of real estate and business courses, with over 300,000 students worldwide as of August 2020. You can find his popular courses on the top educational platforms including Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, CyberU, StackSkills, LearnFormula, Knowable, and Highbrow.

Previously, Symon worked in several corporate real estate and finance roles at large private and Fortune 80 companies, including at a private equity investment firm covering a wide range of commercial real estate acquisitions in the western USA. He has a California real estate broker’s license and writes regularly on his personal blog at www.symonhe.com.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude in Computer Engineering and Economics from UC Irvine and received his MBA from Stanford University. He lives with his wife Hillary in Los Angeles, CA.

James Svetec


is the co-author of Airbnb for Dummies, available from Wiley Publishing (Q3 2020).

James is a co-owner of LearnBNB, co-founder of BNB Inner Circle, and the founder of the BNB Mastery Program

James was looking to make some much needed extra income after an e-commerce business went south that left him in debt. He stumbled across Airbnb but knew next to nothing starting out.  But he soon found LearnBNB and learned everything he needed to get started with hosting.

But he quickly found that his income was limited due to the number of properties he personally owned.  With some trial and error and using what he learned through LearnBNB, James created a way to host on Airbnb while using other people’s properties.  It was a real win-win because I only got paid when the owners got paid.

Fast forward a year and a half, and he was earning a six-figure income while managing over 40 listings and helping other hosts all over the world to manage listings for other people the same way that he had. He later reached out to Symon so that we could impact more hosts and help more people to take advantage of this incredible platform to earn additional income using what they already had — spare space.


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