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  • Lesson #1: The #1 SILLY MISTAKE to avoid
  • Lesson #2: Know the SIZE of your PRIZE
  • Lesson #3: Your listing only gets ONE first impression
  • Lesson #4: How to set up your BEST listing
  • Lesson #5: How to optimize your listing
  • Lesson #6: Case Study: How Alex turned it around
  • Lesson #7: What Airbnb hosting nirvana looks like
  • BONUS ebook: 16 Proven Ways to Increase Your Airbnb Profits

We will teach you how to create a profitable Airbnb hosting strategy from day one.

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Meet Your Instructors

Symon He

James Svetec

Cofounder, LearnBNB

Founder, BNB Mastery Program

James started and grew his Airbnb business from zero to 40 listings in less than two years, consistently creating top 5% and top 1% listings. He has earned over $1M in Airbnb bookings. 

Symon has taught, interviewed, and coached 1000's of Airbnb hosts from around the world. He shares the best hosting ideas through the LearnBNB blog.

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