Top Recommended Brands for Hosts

We asked 1000's of Airbnb hosts from around the world what their favorite hosting tools, products, and services are.  The following are consistently the top recommended by hosts, for hosts.

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Top Vacation Rental Software

Top-Rated Vacation Rental Software

Hosts are able to increase efficiency by up to 90% with powerful automation tools—saving time while earning more!

Top Smart Pricing Tool

The smartest way to price your Airbnb listing.

Stop leaving money on the table--hosts who use the Wheelhouse's smart pricing tool earn 10-40% more revenue

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Top Noise Management Tool

Protect your property from party nightmares.

The runaway #1 solution for monitoring and deterring excessive noise in your Airbnb listing.   Be a good neighbor and protect your reputation.  

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Top Airbnb Automation Tool

Save up to 32 hours per month, per listing.

Automate your Airbnb from guest communications and reviews to check-in instructions and cleaning staff  (and much more), all while maintaining your own personal touch.

Top Smartlock for Hosts

Lockly’s patented Pin Genie™ Technology make for the easiest and most secure for executing a seamless remote check-in & check-out process for Airbnb hosts.  An absolute must have for the remote host.

The most advanced smart lock just got better!

Top Market Research Tool

Understand your market and competition like never before.

Get Market Intelligence, Property Scores, and Competitive Intelligence to know your market and competition like the back of your hand. 

Gain a competitive advantage today!

Top Expense Tracking & Bookkeeping Tool

Easily track all your expenses and deductions for maximum tax deductions and minimal bookkeeping headachs for your Airbnb business


You could be leaving $1000's of deductions on the table!

Top Short Term Rental Financing

Vacation Rental Financing. SIMPLIFIED.

Whether you are seeking short term or long term financing, or even in need of a rehab, remodel, or construction loan, Host Financial have you covered.  They specialize in the financing investors and owners in the short term rental niche. Mention "LearnAirbnb" to get a full appraisal rebate after closing ($750 value). 

Top Water Filtration System

How is this better than your fridge's water? It has 100x more powerful purification, which means it's healthier and tastes better. It sterilizes water, so when the sh!t hits the fan, it doesn't hit your cup. It's like having a bottled water factory in your kitchen. Plus, it comes out at three different temperatures. Use LEARNAIRBNB at checkout to get 20% off initial purchases and 30% off filter subscriptions

World's first 4th generation water purification appliance.  Redesigned to redefine.

Friends of LearnAirbnb

While less well known, the following brands are recommended by the hosts who have used them.  And as a courtesy, we've reached out and secured special offers just for you.  Enjoy!  ~LearnAirbnb Team

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Easiest Way for Guest to Connect to WiFi

Just a single tap to connect most Android and iPhones © 2019, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Help your guests get online with a simple tap--no more searching for the network and entering long passwords.  Make it super easy with a can't miss, aesthetically-pleasing device.   Mention LEARNAIRBNB for 10% off your purchase. 

Wifi Porter

Smart Outlets, Plugs, & More

Deliver a smart and energy friendly Airbnb listing.

Top Greener, Inc specializes in lighting and wiring devices that are energy efficient, easy to use, and look modern. Create organized charging stations for your guests with in-wall high-speed USB receptacles that replace any existing receptacle. Save energy with dual technology motion/humidity and sensors and timers. Upgrade to our elite series colors for simple upgrades that complement and elevate the value of your space.  Use code LEARNAIRBNB for 10% of your purchase.

Architectural Floor Plans for Your Airbnb Listing

Jazz up your Airbnb listing with a professional floor plan.

Receive fewer questions asking about the layout. Get higher listing conversions. Avoid negative reviews from guests with false expectations. Highlight the best features of your property. Works for any property. Mention LEARNAIRBNB for 10% off your purchase. 

Your Buzzer, Smarter.

Buzzly adds smart features to the apartment or condo buzzer you already have. Get started quickly with nothing to install.  Teach your door buzzer some fancy new tricks.  Use code LEARNAIRBNB at checkout to get 1 month free. 

Air Filters Delivered When It's Time to Change Them © 2019, Inc. All Rights Reserved

FilterEasy makes remembering incredibly simple. It's affordable and shipping is always free. Sign up once and never forget. Cancel anytime.

Use LEARNAIRBNB at checkout to get your first set of filters FREE!

Host Standards | Health, Safety & Sanitary Standards Certification for Short Term Rentals

Host Standards is an online course for short term rental owners. This course teaches best practices long used by premier hotel brands on providing a positive guest experience through healthy, safe and sanitary stays. Once enrolled, hosts learn techniques to ensure their short term rental provides a comfortable guest experience while operating efficiently.

Upon successful completion of this course, you'll be able to keep your cleaning costs to a minimum while maintaining guest expectations, increase positive listing reviews and have a strong understanding of how to efficiently clean and maintain your short term rental to a higher standard similar to premier hotel brands.

Use code LEARNAIRBNB to get 15% off tuition.

Regional Brands and Services

The following companies and brands have a limited geographic area of service, please check and confirm before making any purchases.   Again, they have kindly offered incentives to the LearnAirbnb audience.   ~LearnAirbnb Team

Hassle-Free Turnover Cleaning Service

Automate your turnover operations with MaidThis. Sync calendars to auto-schedule cleanings, receive a full Cleaning Report with pictures, and get a 5-star Review every time!

$15 off your first turnover cleaning, just mention 'LEARNAIRBNB' when booking.

Seattle Maid & Cleaning Services

Finding Trusted Cleaners For You.

We know inviting someone into your home is a big deal. All NW Maids cleaners are

carefully vetted by us so we choose the right person to care for your home.   

Use LEARNAIRBNB to get 10% off 1st cleaning and 15% off subscriptions.

New York City Cleaning Service

Essential Cleaning. Restocking. Super Services.

The sidekick to all superhosts--all-inclusive cleaning services for short term rentals. One deal. No headaches.   Our whole apartment cleaning prices are based off number of bedrooms and bathrooms and includes our Essential Cleaning, restocking of basic supplies and laundry pick up and drop off.

Get 5% OFF Your 1st Cleaning (New Customers Only). Mention LEARNAIRBNB through email or contact page.

World's Largest Network of Luggage Storage

Over 2000 storage locations across 250 cities worldwide

Help your guests store their luggage pre check-in or post check-out, conveniently located in 250 cities worldwide.   Get 10% off for your guests by using the code LEARNAIRBNB at checkout

  • 6€/£/$ for the first day (24h) 
  • 4€/£/$ per additional day. 
  • AXA insurance covers up to €1500 each luggage dropped.

Las Vegas Cleaning Services

Reliable. Fast. Quality Cleaning.

Outstanding general cleaning and new construction cleanup services for your needs. 

Save yourself the headache and time by letting us do the dirty cleanup for you. 

Use LEARNAIRBNB to get 15% off 1st cleaning

US Only Luggage Storage in Local Shops

Store guest bags while waiting pre check-in or post check-out

Currently operating 70+ storage locations in 8 cities--NYC, San Francisco, Boston, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, and Seattle.   Use LEARNAIRBNB to get 10% off for your guest.

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