3 Ways to Prove You’re Awesome in Your Airbnb Description

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You know your vacation rental is awesome, but how do you convey that to potential guests? When there’s so much to say, and so many ways to say it, it’s easy for that “special something” to get lost in translation. Stay on track by focusing on these three must-have’s for an Airbnb description that sells.


Beauty attracts the eye; personality wins the heart – it’s true for vacation rentals, too. While a killer lead photo will make a potential guest stop and glance, your headline and description are what will seal the deal.

Be sure to embrace the spirit of your rental in your description – and not just in the introduction, but throughout. Even if they’re similar in setup, the description of a dining room for a breezy beach bungalow should be different than one for a chic uptown condo. In the former, you can write about shaking off the sand and sitting down for a post-beach feast; in the latter, you can describe serving meals in style after a round of cold martinis.

Most importantly, don’t try to be something you’re not. Misleading guests only leads to bad reviews, which are a killer for vacation rentals.

Headline tip: With the limited amount of characters you have in a headline, it’s important to boil down your essence and get it right. Is your ski house more campfire cabin or alpine chalet? Is your city apartment a cozy crash pad or designer dwelling?

Attention to Detail

The trick to nailing detail is knowing what to include in the copy and what to leave to the photos. Key features such as bed configuration and proximity to landmarks are no-brainers – but don’t forget the little things like kitchen appliances, TV location and sizes or accessibility.

We’re not saying you need to include the knobs on your dressers or the number of ceiling lights in your living room, but don’t be afraid to mention the seldom talked about things that may make a real difference to your guests. Are there stairs up to your home that might present a challenge for elderly guests? Is your kitchen stocked with the cookware and appliances that a large family needs to whip up meals?

Something as simple as knowing they can brew a cup of coffee at home can make all the difference to a lead. Be sure to think like your guests and include the details you know they’ll be curious about.

Headline Tip: The headline is where your star selling points can really shine. Whether it’s a sprawling yard, walkable location or high-end interior, think about the reasons why your guests choose your home, and be sure to make mention of at least one of them in the headline.

Insider Knowledge

Guests expect to be treated as just that – guests. When you market your vacation rental, you’re not just selling a place to stay; you’re offering an experience.

Personal touches, like mentioning the best spot to watch a sunset or your favorite place for a meal or cocktail, build trust with potential guests by showing them you have more to offer than just a bed to sleep in. Having access to a real live local makes vacationers feel like insiders – a perk that many are willing to pay for – so use your know-how to establish yourself as a guru.

Short-term renters also want to know exactly what, and how far away, their options are for everything from dining to recreation. If you can save them from spending time on Google maps, you have a much better shot at gaining their business. Choose the best local destinations, restaurants and entertainment and be sure to specify how long it takes to get there by car or by foot.

Headline Tip: Pack a punch in your headline by determining the most popular nearby attraction and succinctly mentioning how far it is from your rental (“3 Mins from Music Row” or “100 Ft from the Beach”).

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