NEW: Airbnb for Dummies Available Now!

Airbnb for Dummies—the most comprehensive book on Airbnb hosting (384 pages)—is now Available on Amazon and in bookstores nationwide!

Newly Released for 2020!

Here your copy of Airbnb for Dummies on Amazon today.

What’s Inside Airbnb for Dummies:

The Airbnb Basics

From how the platform works to what it really means to be a host. Know the essentials to win the hosting game.

Setting Up The Perfect Listing

Everything you need to know to get your property and listing set up for success.

Maximizing Hosting Returns

Discover what you need to keep your place booked as much as you want it to be and at the best rates.

Minimizing Hosting Hassle

Get proven tips and resources to help you make hosting as enjoyable as you make it profitable. 

Right Tools & Systems

With the right tools and systems in place, you can all but guarantee maximum profits and fun on your hosting efforts. 

And So Much More…

Discover how to get involved with new opportunities for fun and for additional income on the Airbnb platform.

FREE Training: How To Become A Top Performing Airbnb™ Host & Host With Ease


✔ How to avoid the BIG mistakes that most hosts make

✔ The secret weapon of all Top 1% Hosts

✔ The pricing strategy used by professionals

✔ How to consistently get gleaming 5-Star reviews

✔ How to free up your time without becoming a "robotic host"

This free training is brought to you by James Svetec an Airbnb Expert who has managed over $1M in bookings & Symon He, the founder of LearnBNB, the #1 Airbnb hosting education blog.



Learn about all of the secrets that professional hosts don't want you to know

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