Your Airbnb Host Profile Sucks

You have a great listing with professional verified photos but you still aren’t getting the bookings–could your host profile be the reason?



The sharing economy has picked up quite a bit a steam in recent years and many more folks are getting comfortable jumping into a strangers car and booking to stay at a strangers place.  However, there is still some fear and uncertainty involved.  You can lower that barrier by having a welcoming and trust inspiring host profile.

Good Personal Photo

Yes, some hosts succeed despite not showing their faces but they are the exception to the rule.  Being able to put a face to the host makes it easier for a potential guest to trust and book with the host.  A friendly photo with a welcoming smile that says “I’m a friendly person who has nothing to hide” will do.


Potential guests often book last minute and expect speedy communicate with the hosts.  Having great response times and response rates will give a potential guest the confidence that reaching out to you won’t be a waiting game or waste of their time.  Respond to all inquiries within a few hours if possible, definitely within a day.

Great Reviews

A good host profile also has great reviews–both as a host and as a guest.   Words of praise from other Airbnb folk will go a long way to establish trust with a potential guest.  You now have social proof that booking with you will be a pleasurable experience for the guest.


What are some other ways to inspire trust with your host profile?  Leave your comments below!


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