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Have you ever wondered how much your neighbors are making with their Airbnb?

Ever wondered how much your place is worth?

You’re not alone.

One of the biggest problems Airbnb hosts have is knowing what price they should charge potential guests.  One of the best ways to determine that is knowing how much alternative listings are booking for.

Everbooked’s first-of-it’s kind Airbnb Comps Tool is now available to solve your problem.

Everbooked’s Airbnb Pricing Comparison Tool makes it easy to see what your neighbors are making with their Airbnbs, and helps you figure out how to price yours.

No matter where LearnAirbnb readers are on the hosting spectrum, from curious to pro, there’s value to be gained from the new Everbooked comps tool.   Those thinking about listing with Airbnb, can get a quick gauge on how much they might make and what kind of occupancy levels they might expect.  Experienced hosts can use it to see how they’re doing with revenue compared to alternatives and adjust price settings and other activities accordingly.  – David Ordal, Everbooked CEO

This tool will work for Existing Airbnb Hosts AND for those that are considering starting to host, but haven’t started yet.

1) Existing Airbnb Hosts – Use your Airbnb listing URL to find out stats about YOUR listing and competitors in your area

2) Curious Airbnb Hosts – Find an Airbnb listing in YOUR AREA and use their URL

NOTE…Airbnb URL’s look like this

Using the Airbnb Pricing Comparison Tool

Enter your Airbnb listing URL (or a competitors URL), and you’ll be shown:

  • A list of comparable properties (aka comps) performing well in your market — you know, those hosts who are actually getting bookings.
  • The average, lowest and highest price for each comp for the past year as well as occupancy data for the next 30 and next 90 days.
  • An estimate of the monthly revenue generated by each comp.
  • A recommended average price for your listing.

The service is available in the top 22 major Airbnb markets in the US, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles — more than 2700 cities in all.

Check out this screenshot of their tool in action:

airbnb pricing tool

Click image to maximize

The service gives you ten comparable properties right off the bat — if you want 20, you can sign-up for a FREE Everbooked account (use the promo code ‘learnairbnb’ and get  a 90 day trial).  There’s no charge, just enter your name & email.

Everbooked’s software combs through massive amounts of data every day to assess and rank potential competitors based on room type, location, number of people accommodated, bedroom numbers, price and more.

Manually Finding Airbnb Comparable Pricing

Could you do this yourself?  Frankly, no, not easily.

You could manually search Airbnb and find comps, but you’d have to manually examine each calendar to figure out if they were booked or not.  It would take hours of effort, and even then you’d have to find a way to organize the output of your market research.

Your time is better spent on things that enhance the Airbnb Guest Experience like creating a digital house manual or finding new perks to offer your guests.

With the new comp tool from Everbooked, you no longer need wonder what your neighbors are making and how you could be making more money by pricing your Airbnb to market.

Quickly figure out what your place could be listed for on average.  Then hook yourself up with Everbooked’s nightly (dynamic) pricing service for maximum benefit.

Try out the Free Airbnb pricing tool today:

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#249f16″ size=”5″ center=”yes”]Airbnb Pricing Comparison Tool →[/su_button]


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