Rental Upgrades to Your Airbnb Listing to Accommodate Every Guest

When striving to become the best Airbnb host in your area, doing so requires more than just creating an aesthetically pleasing space. You never know who is looking for a place to rest their head on their next getaway and what specific accommodations they may need.

Designing your rental with all persons in mind is essential for providing a quality stay for your guests. Consider these Airbnb upgrades for various types of guests to boost the accessibility of your rental!

Rental Upgrades for Growing Families

There isn’t always a black and white method for how to prepare for and welcome home a new baby. For some families, nesting or bringing a new baby home isn’t always an option.

If you are in the middle of a home renovation, out of town for work, or other one-off circumstances, you might find yourself welcoming your newest little member into an Airbnb for the first few weeks of life.

Guests who are either expecting or are with newborns will appreciate you going the extra mile to make them feel comfortable in your rental. Newborn babies don’t require too many items, but providing guests with the essentials can help boost your reviews and improve their experience.

Invest in a small, breathable bassinet and a changing table so new parents can feel like they are nesting in a home-away-from-home with their newest member.

Rental Upgrades for Younger Children

Fight the urge to decorate your space with expensive, trendy furniture. If you are renting your home or apartment to families with younger children, you’re better off providing a comfortable and safe environment where they can relax and play.

There are plenty of furniture pieces that are both stylish and safe (like these kid-friendly sectionals) and you don’t have to worry too much about anyone destroying them. Parents will appreciate a space that welcomes high-energy children, as a safer environment reduces accidents. Consider incorporating a foam play mat. These days, there are plenty of options that look modern but are excellent for children’s activities.

If you have the extra space in your rental, consider creating a playroom. That way, you won’t have to sacrifice the adult space of your own living room to accommodate children when you aren’t renting your home.

Rental Upgrades for Senior Nomads

Move over millennials, Airbnb shares the latest super hosts and guests in town: over 60s. People over the age of sixty are Airbnb’s fastest growing age group, both as guests and hosts. As seniors age, they are healthier and more mobile than ever, which allows them the freedom to host people for longer stays and travel for longer periods themselves.

To accommodate the newest nomads, consider installing these safe, age-appropriate updates to your rental listed below.

Safe upgrades:
• Install handrails on both sides of steps and staircases.
• Install lights at both the top and bottom of stairs to prevent falls.
• Invest in carpet runners for hallways and high-traffic areas.

Rental Upgrades for Handicap-Accessible

You can make your home handicap-accessible to help accommodate guests with specific needs.

Accessibility upgrades:
• Turn your outside staircase into a ramp to accommodate guests in wheelchairs.
• Lower your sink and install a roll-in shower in your downstairs bathroom.
• Widen doorways and entryways to accommodate wheelchairs.

If you’d like to provide guests with a stress-free stay, go above and beyond by installing a walk-in tub. If you have the square footage and money for a renovation of this size, consider the next steps to get the job done.

Talk to local contractors and plumbers in your area for more information on pricing, timeline, and other factors that go into your project.

An accessible bathroom is a rare find for families that require special accommodations, but providing this will bring peace of mind for everyone.

Rental Upgrades for Business Travelers

The Airbnb community is a great place for business travelers to rest and get some work done. For guests in need of accommodations to support their professional lifestyle, you can go beyond the basics of high-speed wi-fi.

Design a nook where guests can retreat to focus on their professional projects. The easier you make it for people to do their job in a space away from home or the office, the better.

Business travelers often spend a lot of time on the road. A super host can help employees make the most out of their Airbnb stay for work by providing them with a work-friendly home environment.

Here are a few ways to upgrade your home to support business professionals:

• Create a distraction-free zone, away from other high-traffic rooms.
• Provide office supplies and technology so guests don’t have to travel to prepare presentations or other work-related materials.
• Provide guests with a detailed guide on local restaurants and excursions for when they need a break from work.

As a host, you will see a high return on your investment if you provide business travelers with the comfort and technology they need to complete their job in a place other than the office.

There are many ways to make guests happy during their stay in your home. If you ensure their stay is excellent from start to finish, your business will flourish, and the extra income will be well worth the work.

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