Your Airbnb Reviews Suck


If you don’t have mostly 5-star ratings for your Airbnb reviews, you’re leaving money on the table.

Building and achieving a size number of great reviews on your listings can significantly increase your booking rate for your units.  Here are some ways to achieve great reviews.

Get Them Early

If you have very few Airbnb reviews for your listing, then your unit will have a hard time achieving bookings.  Your goal with a new listing is to build up reviews as quickly as possible during the ramp up phase.  Introductory pricing and incentives early on can help you do that.

Ask for Them

For all your guests, especially early on, write glowing Airbnb reviews for them right away. Then kindly request for a review of their stay from them.  Just by asking explicitly, you’ll build up your Airbnb reviews much more quickly.

Reviewed as a Guest

By also being a guest on Airbnb, you have an opportunity to get reviews as guest, which helps to build your profile as a real person on Airbnb.  The more validation you have from others on the community, the lower the barrier you have to establish trust as a host with your potential new guest.

Plant Seeds for Review Topics

Delight your guests with at least one unique, highly memorable experience that you can be very confident they will mention in their review.  Maybe you left them fresh baked cookies for their check in.  For another guest, you went out of your way to help them get a reservation at a popular restaurant nearby.  Having specific examples can make the Airbnb reviews written about you more believable and memorable for potential guests.

What are other ways to ensure you have great reviews on Airbnb?  Share your thoughts below.


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