Automated Airbnb Pricing with Everbooked Pro

If you are not using some type of software solution to automatically price your Airbnb rental, you are not making the best use of  your time.  Get those precious hours of time back and earn more…here’s how.

Automated Airbnb Pricing solutions like Everbooked scan millions upon millions of data points every day.  With all this data, the software can detect even the slightest changes in demand for your Airbnb rental.  If there is a change in demand, then the software will change your Airbnb rental price accordingly.

You can probably do this type of analysis once or twice a week for your rental, but after a while it gets tiring.  Reading then analyzing…and most likely guessing a ‘good’ price for your rental.  It’s okay…you cannot do all of this intense research as fast or as accurate as a computer that keeps getting smarter every day….so get automated pricing to take care of that pain.

Some benefits to using an automatic Airbnb pricing solution:

  • Better Airbnb Search Results: When you use an automatic Airbnb pricing tool, your listing calendar is updated EVERY day.  Airbnb sees this as a positive action and your rental will be recommended in search results more often than someone who has not updated their calendar.
  • Save Time:  You can save time by not having to find data, analyze data and make a pricing decision.  With this extra time you can focus on higher value tasks like creating a 5-star guest experience.
  • Earn the Most Money: You will know that you’re earning the most money possible.  Hosts report earning up to 40% more with Automatic Airbnb Pricing solutions.

These tools are getting better and better every day and today I want to tell you about an update that will help you earn even more Airbnb revenue.

Everbooked Pro Service

Everbooked, the Airbnb pricing and data provider, and a longstanding partner of the LearnAirbnb community, has launched Everbooked Pro and Airbnb Market Reports.

Here’s a quick timeline of their business:

  • Nightly Automatic Pricing Introduced in conjunction with Airbnb Open – Nov 2014
  • Launched Comparative Pricing (Comps) Tool – June 2015
  • **Now (Sept 2015), they are launching Everbooked Pro and Market Reports

Who is Everbooked Pro for?

Everbooked Pro is an all-in-one, pricing and info pack aimed at helping professional users of the Airbnb platform.

It’s for the Airbnb host that has multiple listings on Airbnb and/or who has a big need for the best market data out there…like those of you who are doing Airbnb as a living and or are expanding your Airbnb portfolio.

An Everbooked Pro memberhsip will get you:

  • Automatic Nightly pricing at @ 0.75%  of Bookings (the regular Everbooked accounts is 1%)
  • Everbooked Comps Tool with full access to unlimited comps
  • Airbnb Market Reports with the deepest, most complete data available

What about the rest of us?

What about everyone else out there?!  You know..the majority of hosts doing Airbnb on the side with one or a handful of listings. What’s in it for you?

My answer: A lot.

Airbnb Market Reports are the newest part of the Everbooked service and you can get them individually.

Here’s why they are VERY beneficial to you.  In a nutshell, these reports create a real-time data window into your city so you can see how many listings are out there, where they are, and view stats like average prices, occupancy and revenues trends.   It will give you an entirely new understanding of the context within which you operate your Airbnb listing(s)!

If you know what your competition is doing, you know what your guests are comparing you to.

Check out this example of an overview report:

Airbnb Portland Data

Click this image to see a FULL report example.

… and the detailed reports are just that – detailed.

[su_button url=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Airbnb-Data-Portland-Full.jpg” target=”blank” background=”#519ea3″ size=”2″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: bar-chart-o”]View a FULL Airbnb Market report from Everbooked.[/su_button]

Getting started with Everbooked

Join Everbooked today to get a free 90-day trial of their pricing tool.  No risk, no obligation.  Let them price your Airbnb for free and see if they earn more money for you.  Hosts will see up to a 40% increase in revenue when using Everbooked compared to pricing on their own.

Everbooked Airbnb Pricing




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