Airbnb Open Day 2: Be a Better Host

Airbnb Open Day 2 - be a better airbnb host

Find out what Airbnb is doing to help you become a Superhost

Read about the Airbnb Day 1 Product Announcements.

“When it comes to being a host … it sometimes feels like bungee jumping,” explains Chip Conley, live from main stage on the second day of the Airbnb Open in Paris.

What Airbnb is doing to support you right now

The Airbnb Guarantee is now available in 38 countries in the world, offering $1m reimbursement for breakages and damages – this will be rolled out to every single host across the world in December. Go to for more details.

The team have been testing a new liability insurance product in 16 territories – this will also roll out across the world, but at a slower rate. Check if you are covered:

Superhost Premium Support

Chip also revealed a new support program for Superhosts. The aptly named Superhost Premium Support will provide even more direct lines to locally based experts who are there to help.

“There will be people providing dedicated support on the phone, and this will launch to cover 80% of the world,” he explained. What about the rest of us?

“What we try to do is provide the best support to our best hosts’” Chip continued, “And filter that down to every body else over time.”

How is Airbnb performing?

Jonathan Mildenhall (CMO) took to the stage to explain how Airbnb is performing – and what they are doing to help you get more bookings.

“I have the privilege of leading the super-brand marketing for Airbnb,” said Jonathan.

“My team support strategy initiatives that depends on marketing, and we are working to build the next worldwide, iconic superbrand.

“What this means for Airbnb is that in the next few years … we are going to work together to be the brand that defines this generation.”

As of today, Airbnb has 18% brand awareness in the US.

“That means that only 18 people out of 100 recognize our logo and name, and know what we do,” Mildenhall continued, “Expedia and have awareness in the 70s and 80s respectively – so we have a long way to go.”

Varsha Rao (Head of Global Operations) broke down some of the key figures, before revealing the key areas that the company will focus on.

“Travel is the second largest industry in the world, with over a billion trips per year – a billion!

“Travel is fundamentally changing – it is becoming more authentic – the nature of tourism is changing.

“Chinese outbound travel is already the largest in the world … nearly 50% of growth through 2020 will be from Chinese travellers.”

It is clear that Airbnb is keen to explore ways to further capitalise on the Chinese market – but with brand recognition at just 9%, there is an awfully long road ahead.

Alain De Botton took to the stage to deliver a keynote to unlock the psychology behind the Belong Anywhere mantra.

“The person staying with you is inevitably a version of you. At Airbnb we have recognised that.

“The notion of what it is to be hospitable is desperately un-introspective.

“What people really want is connection. They want growth. They don’t want to be in a hotel – they want to be an insider.”
Brian Chesky took to the stage once more, regaling the audience with photos of his parents visiting Paris for the first time – the closing message was clear. To be a better host, you must help your guests to Belong Anywhere”.


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