Marijuana and Airbnb

airbnb and weed

Finding success on Airbnb is all about providing guests what they want, and some Airbnb rental units have found great success by giving their guests the liberty partake in certain activities such as using cannabis.

No, these rental units are not providing their renters with the actual green stuff.

Instead, they’ve made their rental listings cannabis-friendly (aka 420 friendly) by allowing smoking in their unit.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should make your listing marijuana friendly read on for the pros and cons.


Tap into an underserved market

There aren’t too many lodging providers that accommodate smokers…let alone guests who prefer smoking marijuana.

However, there is a demand, and many Airbnb hosts are rushing to fill it with their 420-friendly rental units.

The marijuana lodgings niche is still relatively vacant, but Airbnb hosts looking to fill it may find themselves very busy very quickly. (especially in these states)

No need to hide paraphernalia

Some hosts may be marijuana users themselves…These hosts will feel comfortable renting out their units to other smokers.

Not only will they have at least one known shared interest with their guests, but they won’t need to hide their smoking paraphernalia or keep their habits a secret.


air-purifierPotential smoke damage

When Airbnb hosts open their home to guests who smoke, they are also opening their home to potential damage.

Smoking, whether tobacco or pot, can lead to smoke damage including odor, soot, or in extreme cases, fire.

At the very least hosts should be aware that a lingering smell may remain in their home especially on blankets, cushions, clothing, and other fabrics.  Covering the smell may be as simple as throwing these items in the washer, or it may require more extensive clean up depending on the magnitude of smoking that occurs in the home.

Get extra blankets, towels, and other fabric items to rotate and help cut down on residual smell.  You can also invest in an air purifying ionizer, but make sure to follow all safety precautions that come with the ionizer unit.

Marijuana is still not legal in most states

As of October 2014 only two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

An additional 16 states, including have laws permitting the use of medical marijuana.

So what does a host do if they live in one of the remaining 34 states with no laws permitting recreational or medical usage of cannabis?

To put it bluntly (haha): they are out of luck.

By openly promoting and permitting marijuana in their Airbnb unit they open themselves up to angry neighbors, possible eviction, and even a visit from local law enforcement.

Know the laws in your state!  Find the specific marijuana laws in your state.

states marijuanaAs of May 2014

Airbnb does NOT have a policy against the use and consumption of marijuana.

From one of our readers, they received this message from Airbnb: “Due to the changing laws in regards its usage, Airbnb has no policy against the use and or consumption of marijuana. However, any other drug is and will continue to be banned from any Airbnb listing.”

Do you really like the idea of having a marijuana-friendly rental unit?  Check out TravelTHC.


Will you be making your Airbnb unit 420 friendly?  Let us know more about your experiences below!

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