Why You Should Decorate Your Airbnb in Eclectic Mid-Century Modern Style

(above image:  Design by Banner Day Interior)

Hi again, I’m Val owner of Quill Decor. Last week I wrote a blog all about Where To Start with the somewhat daunting process of decorating, styling and staging an Airbnb Property.

Here’s a quick recap: 

  • Step 1: Define your Ideal Guest so you know who you’re designing your space for. 
  • Step 2: Decide on a Design Style with that guest in mind. (This is how you attract the type of guests you’d most like to have booking your place.) 
  • Step 3: Create your Inspiration Mood Boards (Visit this blog post if you’d like more details about these steps and what comes next.) 

So, I’m back now to kick off a series where each week I will profile a different design style outcome from my Free Airbnb Style Quiz

Quill Decor’s DESIGN STYLE Blog Series for LearnBNB

This week let’s talk about one of the most popular outcomes of the Quiz:  

Decorate Your Airbnb: Eclectic Mid Century Modern

Okay, let’s dive in and break this down. Eclectic interiors and Mid Century Interiors are two different things, but together they make up a very popular aesthetic you no doubt have seen a lot of on Pinterest. It’s like a style mash up, if you will. 

Eclectic Interiors allow you to play around with stylishly mixing antiques and ultra modern, on-trend pieces in one space. The combination of styles within a space and use of unique one-of-a-kind finds is what sums up the Eclectic style. This principal adds layers and character to the home that will not go unnoticed as guests are scrolling through their Airbnb search feed of properties looking for a place to stay. 

Mid Century Modern Interiors describes an iconic design style that originated in the 1950’s and 60’s. This style has seen a resurgence in popularity in the last 10 years, and many popular stores, like West Elm, focus on creating affordable furniture representing this style’s modern, clean lines, interesting shapes, and bold pops of color with an emphasis on bringing nature indoors.

(above image: design by Banner Day Interiors)

Decorate Your Airbnb: Want to Achieve an Eclectic Mid Century Style in your Airbnb? 

Here are some easy things you can do to create the gorgeous mash-up of Eclectic and Mid Century Modern styles in your rental! 

Easy Action Items:

  • Go Vintage. You must layer some vintage or antique flare into your space to pull off this style. Try taking a trip through your local flea market or vintage store to score some deals on one-of-a-kind items. 
  • Have fun with bold color play. Try a velvet sofa in a bold color, or a large bold piece of art. But do stick with a consistent and thought through color palette to keep things cohesive and grounded.   
  • Fold MCM details in seamlessly. Mid Century Modern lamps and end tables easily pull an eclectic space towards this iconic era. Check out West Elm and World Market for affordable finds.

(above image: Design by West Elm Design Crew)

Need even more inspiration? Check out the live links below this vision board to Get the Look for less! 

(above inspiration photo: via Emily Henderson

1. Wall Sconce | 2. Art | 3. Wooden Art | 4. Ceiling Light | 5. Sofa | 6. B&W Throw | 7. B&W Pillow | 8. Round Pillow | 9. Copper Colored Pillow | 10. Bolster Pillow | 11. Magazine Holder | 12. Rug | 13. Coffee Table | 14. Vase | 15. Llama table | 16. Accent Chair | 17. Side Table 

See you back here next week when I’ll dive into another exciting design style option for your rental, California Coastal!

Happy Hosting,

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