Airbnb Dynamic Pricing by Hosts, for Hosts.

The importance of dynamic pricing really cannot be ignored. The world economy is still recovering from the fallout of 2020, and Airbnb investors and hosts who are not using dynamic pricing may find themselves struggling to secure bookings. 

Big companies like national airlines, hotel chains, and retail giants like Amazon have been using dynamic pricing for years. That’s why the price of your flight ticket changes! Dynamic pricing has been active in the short-term rental industry for a few years. Almost every successful host uses dynamic pricing. 

As one of the most advanced dynamic pricing tools on the market, DPGO offers users the most comprehensive range of data insights and pricing optimization for the most affordable prices – as low as $1 per night! Businesses can promote themselves all they want, but real testimonials from real hosts are what count. The following are two case studies from DPGO users, highlighting why DPGO is the best choice for hosts that want to price dynamically and earn more money! 

Case Study 1: Alla, Airbnb Host, CA, USA 

Alla was using Airbnb’s Smart Pricing tool when she discovered something shocking. For context, Alla owns a one-bedroom unit and lets it out on Airbnb. Her dynamic pricing provider of four years has steadily kept her pricing at an average of $48 per night. 

Only once she started a free 30-day DPGO trial did she discover that her pricing was almost half that of her closest competitor, with some in the same local market charging four times as much as she was charging, which worked out as between $89 and $199 per night. That is some serious money being left on the table! Of course, amenities, property specifics, and location play a role here, but even her listing’s overall Health Score was wildly below her local market average. 

When she started with DPGO, her listing Health Score came in at just 4.9. A close competitor, who was charging $89 per night, had a Health Score of 9.1. In fact, no other listing in Alla’s local market had a Health Score of below 8.5 when she joined DPGO, which made her Health Score of 4.9 even worse. 

Her occupancy rate was just 7%, and that’s compared to the Placer county market average of 64%, which we identified via Markets by DPGO. Alla discovered DPGO by chance and, as she was not happy with her pricing, she wanted to give it a try! After she signed up, she discovered that her occupancy rate was 57% lower than her local market average. 

At the time of writing this, Alla’s Health Score is now 7.8, and her occupancy rate has increased to 30% in just two weeks. In time, her occupancy rate should outperform the average market occupancy rate by 25%. It’s not quite there yet, but it’s quite an improvement on where she was when she first started with DPGO!

Case Study 2: MasterB&B, Property Management Company, FL, USA

Managing a large volume of listings can be a laborious process, especially in terms of pricing. Imagine updating the prices on 100+ Airbnb listings manually every day? Well, that’s what MasterB&B was doing before they joined DPGO! 

Not only did the process take hours, but the team at MasterB&B could also only manage to update their prices once a week. Timing is everything in price optimization. Hosts and property managers need to access and interpret market trend data and change their prices in time to take advantage of booking surges or even more minor changes in the market. 

Now, MasterB&B and its clients enjoy the dynamic pricing services of DPGO. Not only does DPGO automate their pricing, but it allows all of their listings to be managed on one account, so tracking and reporting progress has never been easier!

The team at MasterB&B can log in to their company DPGO profile, and they’ll be able to see 52-weeks of prices in advance, a Health Score specific to each listing (as well as the ability to see the average Health Score of the greater local area), and much more. 

Dynamic pricing built for hosts, by hosts

The team at DPGO is made up of experienced Airbnb hosts, real-estate investors, and property managers. This industry experience motivated them to create their own dynamic pricing tool as they never found a perfect provider on the existing market. By combining machine learning, yield management, and big data analytics, DPGO presents users with the most advanced pricing engine on the market for the most reasonable prices. 

To sign up and start your free 30-day trial, click the following link and enjoy an additional $20 in DPGO credits to use once your free trial has ended! See the link here.

You don’t need to register a credit card when you create a profile, and you can cancel your account at any time with no fee at all. You can also use Markets by DPGO to access free STR data specific to your local area. Enter the name of your city or your postcode and enjoy a range of free insights! 

For more information on the set-up process and how to connect DPGO to your Airbnb account, check out the following video with the DPGO Marketing Manager, Marco Bonanni.

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