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Everbooked, and the webinar at the bottom of this post, is for you if you’re looking for an intelligent, easy way to price your Airbnb space for tonight, and every night of the year.

One of the big questions Airbnb hosts have on their minds, is what their place is worth – and that seems to be the case whether they are just starting out or have been hosting for a while.

Most hosts agree that prices should be adjusted to changes in demand.

Demand fluctuates dramatically by day of the week, time of the year and for events.   Yet, about 20% of hosts set only one price for their listing for the whole year.

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To get into the “Money Zone”, an Airbnb host will need to know how to track that demand, how to price accordingly, and how to find the time to do all of this!  You could spend many hours per week doing this manually.

In this timely webinar, Everbooked co-founder, Doug Ross walks the audience through some data showing how demand changes over the year and how local demand patterns can vary, sometimes quite dramatically, from one neighborhood to another within a city.

Everbooked has built an amazing pricing engine…An engine that automatically populates your Airbnb calendar with price recommendations for every day of the year.

Ross explains that Everbooked does all the heavy lifting.  “We capture and analyze demand data relevant to clients’ listings around the clock.”

The sources of demand data Everbooked uses includes:

  • Local hotel prices and booking rates
  • Booking and price data from competitive Airbnbs
  • Overall seasonal travel patterns
  • Local event activity (conferences, festivals, etc.)
  • Weekday/Weekend booking trends

In essence…it’s a simple concept:  “When demand is high Everbooked raises your prices.  When demand is low, they lower your prices,” explained Ross.

Best of all…it can save you time.

If you’re spending a lot of time now monitoring prices and availability for nearby Airbnbs and hotels, let’s say for an hour each day for example, using Everbooked could save you up to 30 hours per month.

That’s a lot of time – that’s the equivalent of almost four regular work days!

So why not let Everbooked take care of pricing your Airbnb listing so you can spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labor and focusing on your guests’ experiences?

Watch the full webinar below…It might be the best hour you spend as a host this week.

And, we have a special offer for webinar listeners.

Everbooked is offering a 90 Day Free Trial for LearnAirbnb clients…read the instructions below for more details.

For Desktop users:

  1. Just go to: Everbooked
  2. Click the blue Sign up on the top right corner

For Mobile Users: 

  1. Just go to: Everbooked
  2. Click the menu button on the top left
  3. Then click the blue Sign up on the menu at the bottom


Doug Ross PictureMeet Doug Ross from Everbooked.com

Doug is a co-founder at Everbooked focused on customers, partners and media.  He’s a well travelled guy and is a transplant to California from New Jersey.  Talk to him about all things pricing or hockey related and how to make the most of your Airbnb listings.

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