5 Tips to Earning a 5-Star Review on Airbnb

5 star

Airbnb is a community where success is measured by feedback and reputation.

Some minor slip-ups or mistakes can impact you for a very long time, and even stop your rental unit from taking off.

These reviews are like online referrals that can help or hurt your future business substantially.

Don’t leave reviews to chance, do all that you can to create a 5-star guest experience.

Reviews on Airbnb unique in that they are for each unit and tied to each host.  When guests are looking at your unit, they see reviews for that specific unit, but they also see reviews for other units you rent out.

This is especially important for full-time Airbnb hosts with multiple units.  Having great reviews for your first few units can make it easier to launch your newer units.

So how do can you set yourself up for success?

Give a Detailed and Accurate Description

When a guest knows what they are signing up for, they will be more understanding compared to guests that were deceived.

A clear, accurate and detailed description aligns expectations and sets the bar for your place to be graded on.

Don’t promise something that you cannot deliver.  If anything, under-promise and over-deliver.

You don’t have to be the Marriot to be successful…You can be a Motel 6.

Learn more about how much your Airbnb is worth.

6-Star Service…ALWAYS

Put on your guest hat…and think…what perks and services would make you say, “Wow!”?  Do those.

Some ideas…

  • Contact the guest a few days before they arrive and ask if they have any questions or special requests.
  • Follow up with guests during long stays and ask them if they would like a complimentary cleaning service.
  • Make yourself available by phone at all times to answer any questions.

Lastly, if there is a problem such as clogged toilet or broken light bulb, treat it as if it was a HUGE problem.

Problem solvers are super heroes and everyone loves a super hero!  Go above and beyond the basic expectations and you will be rewarded.

Have Modern Amenities

Something like a Netflix can come in handy when a rainy day happens on vacation.  If that $10 subscription can land you 1 or 2 good reviews, it was worth it.

A Keurig machine or premium tea can also go a long, long way too.  Ever had a rough night and needed a caffeine pick-me-up the next morning?  Your guests do too!

Make sure to provide the correct amenities that your guests will find high utility and high value.

A family of four may appreciate their favorite cereals there upon arrival while a business traveler would value a computer desk and printer.

Understand Your Specific Guests

Guests receive reviews too, so check out what other hosts are saying about your prospective guests.

Check their reviews to find out…

How often do they travel on Airbnb?

Do they even leave reviews?

If so, how critical are they?

In the reviews, what stood out most to them at other places they rented from?

By identifying these key pieces of information, you can make sure to customize their experience and focus on what matters most to those specific guests.

Be a Guest Yourself

Airbnb is about community and you should get out and see what it has to offer!

I have traveled by myself and with friends to many different cities and I have picked up Airbnb hosting tips along the way.  Being excellent in hospitality means seeing what others are doing and do it better!

While we cannot guarantee you a 5-star review, these tips will point you in the right direction.

Looking for more help?  Check out our tips on how to stop bad reviews on Airbnb.

What have you done to earn 5-Star reviews?  Share your tips in the comments below!

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