Hiding Your Airbnb Unit From Your Landlord? Prepare To Be Hunted Down.

With the launch of Huntbnb.com, landlords and property managers can now easily find Airbnb units operating without their consent.


It’s easy to use and all it needs is a physical address, Huntbnb.com allows a landlord to find out if there are offending tenants on their property.   While many have been getting away with trying to rent out their units behind the backs of landlords and neighbors, this will certainly become increasing more difficult, especially as short term rentals continue to grow in numbers and markets.

So how well does it work?  We tested it with five known Airbnb unit address in the greater Los Angeles area on the site and 2 of them found the listings while the other 3 queries yielded no results.  Not a high success rate but certainly something to pay attention to.

The best way to minimize your risk, however, is to seek the explicit approval of your landlord.  Does this make it harder at first? Yes.  But it will save you potentially massive headaches later.

Do you think this will encourage more open communication between hosts and landlords?  Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Derek
    December 8, 2014

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