How Airbnb Is Helping to Save the American Dream by Fighting Foreclosure

Airbnb is helping some Americans keep their dream of home ownership alive by allowing them get out of foreclosure.


With all the bad press around nightmare guests and squatters, this is something great about Airbnb that isn’t covered enough.

Airbnb is Helping Some Hosts Get Off and Stay Out of Foreclosure

During the peak of the housing crisis, with rampant foreclosure across the entire country, many homeowners struggled to find a way to keep their homes.  Some discovered Airbnb and it changed their lives.

Many even lost their jobs during the downturn and were unable to make mortgage payments.  But being able to rent out extra rooms or couch space on Airbnb gave these owners the extra income bump they needed to avoid foreclosure and keep their homes.

Read this Fortune story about Debra Giusti on how Airbnb allowed her to take care of her 91 year old mother while staying out of foreclosure.

Do you know anyone who avoided or got out of foreclosure because of Airbnb?  Share below!


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