How to Be Iconic on Airbnb & Get More Guests

In 2008, Airbnb was founded by Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky, and Nate Blecharczyk to host three guests on cheap air mattresses to help pay for the apartment they could barely afford. Today, Airbnb has hundreds of offices in nearly 200 countries and has hosted more than 450 million guests.

When we talk about the confusion of travelers when they search for the next place to stay on a trip, they go through a lot of hassle to find another home apart from their home that makes them feel comfortable during the stay.

Hotels and motels are expensive and are out-graded to provide amenities like home. Furthermore, they are not ideal for an extended stay. Hence, Airbnb is a useful option that leads to a happy booking to travel freaks.

Alternatively, when we talk about the host’s mindsets, it was previously hard for them to list up the attributes to attract guests and make sure they have the best experience they were looking for. Approaching it from Airbnb, it is ideal for getting the things people may searching for a trip and get to know a perfect stranger hosting you from the other side of the planet.

Airbnb Fun Facts

  • The “Air” in “Airbnb” came from its co-founder Brain Chesky renting an air mattress on his room floor during his teenage.
  • Senior citizens are fastest-growing hosts at Airbnb.
  • Women hosts over 60 years of age have rated as the best hosts. (We all know why!)
  • There is around 120% increase in hosts above the age of 60 years since 2017.
  • The most favorite cities for travel experience are Paris, New York and Tokyo among Airbnb travelers.
  • An average Airbnb guest spends $1,000 in 5 days on Airbnb in San Francisco alone.
  • $80 is the average price per night stay for Airbnb reservations.
  • Earth houses are famous among Airbnb guests with more than 100,000 stays till now.

Five tips to be Iconic and get more Guests

You may find a list of must-have amenities that guest want in an Airbnb space. You can include them to become an ideal host on Airbnb. However, despite living attributes, there are other things that help you to enhance your guest’s experience during the stay. We have gathered some rare yet useful secrets to elevate your guest experience from good to great. Guests love unique personalized touches to usual elements to make their stay memorable at Airbnb hosting. After all, this is the reason they chose you over casual hotels.

Hence, impress our guests to come back to you and give you a five-star rating with these five magical tricks.

1. Go for the basics

When we talk about the basics, it will include everything that a guest will expect you to have. Without them, you may not get listed as an eligible host on Airbnb. These amenities may consist of, temperature controlled indoors, entertainment attributes, relaxing mini spa, an outdoor pool, Wi-Fi to enable guests to be online, Air condition with working ventilation system, separate space for pets, parking, and an ideal location.

It is also essential to have contact details handy with all emergency number of a nearby hospital, fire stations, police, plumber, mechanic and host as well. These will assure them to feel secure.

Tidy towels and sheets are also essential, along with an adequate supply of toilet papers and basic toiletries including soaps, body wash and shampoo of a good brand.

If there’s a kitchen, it should be well-equipped. Washing liquid, crockery, cutlery, appliances, cleaning supplies and kitchen towels are vital for those wanting to whip up home meals and keeping hygienic afterwards.

You can also provide coffee, tea or some basic snacks for guests as a welcome gift. This will serve as a generous addition from your side.

Lastly, an updated first-aid kit, with current guides and maps along with touring recommendations for the area will be useful for your guests as they are new to the region. Hence always try to beyond the boundaries to be iconic.

2. Play Smart for Business Travellers

Amenities for “Business Travel Ready” must have a self-check-in keypad, key lock or smart key box, a smoke detector and a laptop-friendly work station because business professionals have different requirements than other travelers. They will need an uninterrupted internet connection with an ironing board, coat hanger, a hairdryer or a nearby laundry service including shoe polisher to get handy with organizing their business attire. An extra phone charger will also be helpful.

Parking space or transportation service to Rome-around will be a plus point. Moreover, there is an uncompromised criterion to register yourself as a “Business Travel Ready Host” on Airbnb. You will have to provide a complete listing of your space and the right category to get verified by Airbnb.

Also, you will have to make your space is noise-free, smoking-free, and pet-free zone. The listing must be at least three-star rated prior to getting eligible for business travels.

3. Get to know about Leisure Guests

Leisure guests are those who sign up for a place like home. You may not need to list up the attributes of a hotel to attract them; you just need to go an extra mile to make them feel like home by providing comfort and required resources. They will be amazed to get all of them at a destination far from their home.

Again as we said above, it’s all about adding personalized elements with an emotional touch. That is the reason guests prefer Airbnb than hotels for these fantastic options. You can include a Netflix screen with popcorns, soft bedding along with soft toys and pillows to highlight the home for home feeling for them.

“Home is not where you stay, home is a feeling that you keep with you.”, says Michelle Pine, Client Accommodations and Travel Manager at Academist Help.

A well-stocked kitchen will add a plus point as most of these types of guests prefer home-cooked meals. Also, some recommendations for local restaurants will be helpful for them. Pet-friendly space and separate children play area will be more than perfect.

4. Include “The Wow Factor”

Luxurious bathroom, high-quality linen, design-led furniture and a mini home spa will amaze your guests. Assure yourself to get a five-star rating from your guests by providing them with the best experience of their life with the feeling of being at home. A complimentary basket with bubble bottle, aromatic candles and smoothing scrub will be an ideal welcome gift. All of these will surely make them come back to you. Newlywed couples will thank you for helping them treasure every moment.

5. Let them Feel Like Home

There are unlimited statistics that prove that the topmost reason why people prefer Airbnb over hotels is they want to feel like home during their stay. Provide them with the feeling. Make your space as cosy as home.

Also include home living elements such as; dining area with family stuff, bedroom with a movie screen, TV lounge for families, and an outdoor lawn with a bonfire sitting. They will serve as an additional feature to attract touring personal who want to enjoy road trips without losing the connection of being home.

Key Insights

Customers prefer tidy and well-equipped spaces. A different class of people may have different preferences; however, all of them have some standard requirements which can guide to further modify for individual needs accordingly. The key to into the heart of your guest is to provide them with an ultimate experience of comfort.

This article is written by guest writer, Stella Lincoln. Stella is a full-time lifestyle blogger. She is currently working as an academic writer at Crowd Writer. A lifetime of wanderlust and now over seven years on the road, she loves to explore mountains, cultures, and ancient civilizations. She is also worked at HarperCollins Publishers as a Writing Consultant.

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