How to Target Business Travelers on Airbnb

Business travelers could become a staple for your Airbnb unit.  Find out how to attract them to your unit and whether you should even target the in the first place.


Location Matters

Convenience is key to a corporate traveler and nobody can argue with renting a room two blocks from the conference room he needs to be at for an early 8AM meeting, especially while still jet lagged.

For busy corporate travelers, the last thing they want to do when flying into a new city is having to spend additional time with long commutes when they’ve already flown in from somewhere else.

If you have a house in the rural suburbs an hour or two away from the closest city, you may want to consider advertising your space for a different type of renter…not a business person.

If your unit is in the city and centrally located near where business travelers are already traveling to, then you’re well position to succeed with business travelers.

Relevant Amenities

While location may be the most important factor in hosting corporate travelers, it isn’t the only one. Consider how you are advertising your space.

These clients are giving up hotel rooms in exchange for a clean, private space that beats living out of a suitcase in a hotel for a few days.

Make your part of your client’s trip the least stressful and the least amount of work for them.

Lacking any of the basics a business traveler would need just creates an additional hurdle to booking a stay with you.  A small investment here can go a long way.

Many of these travelers want something other than a standard hotel, but want the comfort of a hotel with things like free WiFi, a coffeemaker, and a washer and dryer.  They also want SIMPLE check ins and outs.

While it’s true that these clients aren’t looking for a just a home…they want a work space.

Other amenities you should consider including are:

If you want to take it the extra mile, have a few spare phone or laptop chargers.


Narrow Your Target

You may also want to consider what type of business client you are looking to attract.

Are you in Silicon Valley looking to rent to techies?

New York City looking to rent to those in the fashion industry?

DC looking for somebody in politics?

Whatever you are searching for, cater to their SPECIFIC needs. Give your client a list of industry-specific areas of interest he or she might want to visit in their off time and have appropriate products.

Just ask your guests the nature of your guest’s travel and they will usually share a few details with you.  This is a gold mine of help.

Each industry has different needs so a little up front due diligence into your target audience will allow you to deliver a far more memorable and compelling experience to your guests. Know your city, know your guest’s industry, and know how the two connect.

Value Pricing

In addition, business travelers using Airbnb are usually also motivated by value.

They’re on Airbnb looking for something convenient, different, but also just a better value than the typical hotel offerings.

So price your rental wisely – price your unit properly versus hotel offerings and in such a way that it encourages travelers to stay the entire work week so you still have the weekends available for leisure travelers.

You can set nightly, weekly, or monthly rates but for the corporate traveler it may be wisest to go with a nightly or weekly rate.

You may need to set your prices lower in the beginning to attract travelers and get your host reviews built up, but once you have established yourself in the area you will eventually have more freedom with rates and discounts.

Don’t Forget the Basics

As with any other Airbnb listing, be sure to know the state and local laws concerning your endeavor. Do you need a permit? Do you need to pay rental income taxes? What is the maximum length another person can stay? Do you have to share the space with them?

You should also be aware of your property insurance as well as Airbnb’s in case anything goes awry – while Airbnb can insure a host up to $1,000,000, that cost does not include cash, rare artwork, jewelry, pets, and more. Know what you are dealing with and know how to protect yourself.

Finally, just be a good host.

Advertise truthfully, respond quickly, and make yourself available to your traveler whenever he might need you.

Flexibility and hospitality go a long way in this business, so be at your kindest and the people you host will spread the good word.

Business travelers often travel regularly to the same spot so a satisfying and reliable experience could easily mean repeat bookings for you.

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