Find your ideal Airbnb guests through these attributes.

Just like a host wants to have more guests to come back to them, guests also like to invite back by their hosts happily. Hence, an ideal guest, the one every host loves to accommodate. When you write an awesome description of your listing to attract more guests, they are also supposed to make their profile eligible enough to get invited.

Surveys conclude that picking up a guest is as tricky as selecting a reliable guest to step them into your home. Either if you are a seasoned host or a full-time Airbnb revenue generator, we have picked up some qualities you should look for into the guest before sealing the deal.

Here are ten Airbnb guest attributes you should consider when searching for an ideal guest.

Airbnb Guest Attribute #1: Transparent Profile Description

Unlike many people, most of the hosts just swipe manic thumbs through the stream of guest requests. However, when you want to confirm a booking, you need to take a break and slow down. Your good listing can create transparent descriptions which may attract good guests; still, you need to go through the entire profile description of your guest to make sure there is no suspicious point for make him unreliable for your hosting. There is the reason why more than 60% of the hosts have started to prefer a well-defined transparent guest profile for bookings.

Airbnb Guest Attribute #2: Communication Style

In the communication channel of Airbnb, the guest is the first person to initiate the conversation. Hence, he/she is responsible for setting the tone. If your guest is sending your booking request for an instant book or for a prior reservation for a holiday, check for an off-right communication with informative content.

Ask them to say something about themselves, their traveling partners, their purpose of travel, and their expectations. By having additional information, you will be more comfortable in decision making. Also, you will have the opportunity to set realistic expectations for them.

Airbnb Guest Attribute #3: Open-minded Gesture

When you first get the booking request from a guest, take a few minutes to explore his needs, and try to satisfy them with the best you can offer. After an open-minded gesture and check the same from the other party. Make sure they explore every detail of your eternity and appreciate your efforts of making their stay special for them. Acknowledgment and appreciations are essential to make you feel creative and generous. The ore time you spend on understanding and appreciating each other’s needs, the more you both will end up in enjoying the professional relationship.

Airbnb Guest Attribute #4: A Flexible Friend

A host is entirely different than a hotel manager. He is not into hospitality business or an owner of co-operate chain management. He/ she is hosting a guest with all possible resources and facilities. The dynamics are different here as guests want to explore new places while feeling like staying in a home-like environment with family or friends. Here personal background or a history of mishap can be worse than ever.

“Staying with Airbnb is just staying like your friend’s friend,” says Richard Josh, travel blogger at Australian Master.

Staying with an acquaintance loosen ups a personal equation of understanding if things go wrong. Hence, like this, both the host and the guest have to make a courteous effort to build a thoughtful and appreciative relationship. Being understandable and generous is a quality every Airbnb host and guest expects to be in the other one.

Airbnb Guest Attribute #5: Low Maintenance Amenities

No host likes to have an overbearing guest who is picky and irritating. They prefer to have little maintenance guests. Hence, be attentive to your children and pets also, avoid creating excessive noise pollution and keep your tones low while arguing with your companions. Communicate politely with your host regarding any issues instead of shouting on them.

Also, if you want to pitch a tent on the lawn or to plan a bonfire, make sure that your host is agreed with your request. Proactive communication will help both of you to be mentally prepared on what the other party is willing to do.

Airbnb Guest Attribute #6: Safe for your Home & Family

Majority of the hosts do every possible effort to keep their guest secure. They expect the same from their guests. Before accepting a booking request, convey your safety concerns and as a no-compromise amendment. As you are welcoming a person in your home, so your safety concern should be your priority. Make sure to tuck any expensive item out of site. Tell them the use of dangerous utilities like a fireplace or a Bar-B-Q grill. Don’t let them take risks.

Airbnb Guest Attribute #7: Leave Your Space Better not Worse

Check for the previous review of the guest that what their hosts are to say. There is a universal rule for being a good guest: “leave the space better than you found it.” Send them check-in, and check-out instructions make sure they follow them. Your list may include; keep the trash out, keep used linens separately, give a quick sweep to the floors or the dining table after use, keep the utensils clean, and keep the washroom well. This may take a couple of minutes, but it will assure you that you have clearly conveyed your rules, and in case of any miss-handling they will be responsible for restoring the mess. Throw out expire goods out of the home in time. The karma will get back the good back to both of you.

Airbnb Guest Attribute #8: Knowledge Sharing

What makes a place unique is the connection you make with it. Guests have a pile of knowledge that may help you improve things, continue kind gestures, and stopping the worst situations. Whether your guest is with you for a night, a week or a long-term stay, ask them to share their knowledge of being with you. Also, they can give you a good comparison with their previous experiences and current travel trends. By this, you will know what you will have to do to increase your ratings and revenue. Kindness is, and criticism is constructive here. Ask them to fill a feedback form that includes something they loved, something that could use a little attention and something not really good.

Airbnb Guest Attribute #9: Regards Hosting

An essence of thankfulness is always appreciated. But that is the thing a host cannot ask for. It’s a guest’s responsibility to take a moment to thank the host for their time, trust, and hospitality. For them, you were a stranger that they have welcomed to stay in their home by opening the doors of love for you.

A handwritten note or a thank you card or even some flowers and a small box of chocolate will be much appreciated. If not, then just say some kind words to your host with a hug or a warm gesture to make them feel special.

Airbnb Guest Attribute #10: Give you a Useful Review

Lastly, make your guest a useful member of the Airbnb community and suggest them to post a detailed review of their experience with you. This will help you to get yourself recognized and the other guests to help them take the decision to stay with you. A single voice of a person is enough to lead the future guests with the useful information they need to consider a host on Airbnb.

Get set go!

Now you know what to look for while searching for an ideal guest to host on Airbnb. It is the time to make your space useful and signup for the best to kick off a good passive as well as active income.

This article is written by guest writer, Stella Lincoln. Stella is a full-time lifestyle blogger. She is currently working as an academic writer at Crowd Writer. A lifetime of wanderlust and now over seven years on the road, she loves to explore mountains, cultures, and ancient civilizations. She is also worked at HarperCollins Publishers as a Writing Consultant.

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