Why Make your Airbnb Instagram Worthy

What does Instagram Worthy mean?

Instagram Worthy – Adjective

  1. of the highest cuteness/aww/funny/cool factor
  2. proud to be shared

Instagram worthy is when someone takes a picture of your place or of something in your place, they get 50 likes in 10 minutes!

Two steps to check if you have made something Instagram worthy: 1) does it capture attention immediately? 2) Does it make you say one of the following: “This is awesome!”, How neat!?”, or “Awwww, cute!”?


Leaving champagne for a couple?  Make sure to include flutes, maybe chocolates and put it in a basket.

instagram champagne

Instagram Pictures = Endorsement > Social Proof > Better Reviews/Referral Business

But you don’t need to leave fancy gifts.  Take a look here to see how you can take great photos for your listing.

Finance Tip: If you are going to be doing something special for every new set of guests, buy those things in bulk.  Champagne comes in a case for reason.

What other things have you done that would be Instagram Worthy?
Share them with us in the comments below.

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