NEVER Let These 4 Things Happen

angry-guestsAirbnb guests are usually very forgiving, unless you do one of these things.
Running out of coffee may slide with some guests (depends on your target guest), but if you let any of these things happen, you’re a terrible host!

Running out of toilet paper

Seriously?  No questions asked, you better be stocked on all your paper goods such as napkins, paper towel and most importantly, toilet paper.  Have you ever been out of toilet paper at a friends house?  How did that make you feel?  Don’t put your guest through that.

Having no spare key

Things always get lost, yes, including keys.  Make sure you have a back up plan for this situation.  As a guest, being locked out at 2 AM can be scary and lonely.  As a host, having to deliver a key at 2 AM just plain sucks.  What if you’re not in town, then what?  Be smart and plan ahead.

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Showing up unannounced

As a landlord of ‘normal’ rental properties, you usually give 24 hours notice to tenants if you need to come into the living space.

For Airbnb units, try to avoid going in at all unless you really need to immediately.  If it can wait, let it wait.

Only go in for extenuating circumstances such as: a crime is being committed, your property is being damaged, or you are being a hero and saving them from imminent danger like fire.

Otherwise, it feels like a violation of privacy for the guest.

Not having towels

Some guests travel light and they would be pretty safe to assume you have the minimum amenities a hotel would offer which includes bath towels and washcloths.  Having multiple sets is even better.  Plan for about 3-4 sets since you do not want to feel pressured to wash the SAME set of towels before every new check in.

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We know this is not a complete list, so share with us other things that are unforgivable!

Share with us in the comments below.

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