New to short term hosting? Start on Airbnb.


There are sites for short term rentals but here are three reasons why you should start on Airbnb:

Biggest Fish in the Pond

Sure there are other options but no other short term listing site has as much name recognition, traffic, hosts, listings, etc…than Airbnb.  They’re in over  34,000 cities across 190 countries.   You may be new to Airbnb but they’ve been perfecting their craft for years.  This means they’re at the cutting edge in terms of best practices.  If you have any concerns/questions about hosting on Airbnb, chances are Airbnb has either addressed it and/or other hosts have figured out a solution.

You won’t be a trailblazer testing out an unproven ecosystem when you start on Airbnb, but that’s a good thing.  Airbnb is tested, by thousands over millions of times.

Saves You Time

Yes, every booking you make for your unit means rental income.  But it also means communicating with potential guests, check-ins, check-outs, cleanings, and even occasional emergencies (e.g. guest is locked out after losing the key at a bar at 3am).  Having a short term rental takes more time than you might expect, especially if you intend to get the most of your unit.   Having a whole portfolio of full time short term rentals takes even more time.  Luckily for you, Airbnb attempts to make it as easy and efficient to host as possible.

Starting on Airbnb makes it easy to take care of the administrative work associated with renting out a unit–Airbnb enables you to maximize your profit/hour as a host [LINK TO POST] so you can focus on creating a great guest experience and closing more bookings.

Simple Economics

Airbnb is the most popular short term rental site out there.  That means the most traffic in terms of potential guests seeking lodging options, no matter where you’re at.  Listing your available unit on Airbnb means the greatest exposure to potential guests, the best chance at bookings, and thus the best chance at making a profit.

So while there are alternatives out there, these are three good reasons you should start on Airbnb.   What do you think?  Share below!



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