People Who Should Not Host on Airbnb

Yes, being an Airbnb host can be fun, hip, and profitable.  But if you are one of the following, you’ll do yourself and everyone else a huge favor by NOT becoming an Airbnb host at all.

airbnb hosting

You Can’t Stand Strangers In Your Home

Really?  Do we have to elaborate on this at all?  You really can’t have your cake and eat it too when it comes to Airbnb hosting. You can’t expect to attract many guests willing to pay you if you’re going to be all Big Brother on your guests when they do stay there.  Even if they don’t leave a bad review online, you can be sure they nor their friends will be staying at your place in the future.

You Hold Discriminatory Convictions

Where are you been in the last few decades?  While you are entitled to your own moral convictions, even if antiquated and on the wrong side of history, you must be a welcoming host who will NOT discriminate against any guest based on religion, sexual preference, race, age, etc…. If you can’t do that, you should not host on Airbnb.  It’s not for you.

You Hate Human Communication

Hosting on Airbnb means you have to communicate with all the guests.  You will be checking them in, answering questions, dealing with emergencies, and checking them out.  In fact, you’ll need to talk to many more “potential” guests in order to have enough guests to make your hosting worth your while.  So if you’re allergic to human interaction, then you definitely shouldn’t host on Airbnb.

You Don’t Have Time to Host

You could be the nicest person but if you can’t put in the time and energy to meet the demands of being an Airbnb Host, you shouldn’t do it.  You can’t expect to have the benefits of hosting without having to put in your dues.  Sure you may eventually be able to outsource many of the tasks but when you’re just starting out, it’s on you.

You Are a Hoarder 

If there is one thing common among successful listings on Airbnb, it’s that they all have very nice photos.  How do you have nice photos?  Clean and tidy rooms.  And this extends to the spaces behind closed doors that are hidden from view and not shown in photos.  If your guests open the cabinets looking for fresh toilet paper only to find a nasty mess, they’re not going to come back.

You Are a Liar

Exaggeration is still lying.  A bag of stale pre-ground coffee wouldn’t qualify as a “gourmet coffee”.  If you need to lie in order to attract guests, you can’t lie your way to getting repeat guests or great reviews.  You’ll get discovered sooner than later.  You will embarrass yourself and you will fail as a host on Airbnb.

You’re a Total Jerk

You notice that your room was booked at a lower rate that it’s going for right now because you didn’t realize there’s a convention in town this coming weekend.  So you cancel the booking you already accepted on your guests and leave them out to dry knowing they won’t find another unit in town with such short notice.  “What’s wrong with that?” you might ask?  You. You are what’s wrong.  You should not be hosting.

So, who else do you think should not host on Airbnb?  Share your horror stories below!



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