Problem Guests on Airbnb

A lot of wild things happen on Airbnb, including prostitution.

Though these cases are very, very few and far between, they can happen.

Along the way to becoming a great host…racking up great 5 star reviews, you will receive some of the craziest messages from prospective renters.

Check out this possible message from a Ms. Destiny Michaels…

airbnb hosting bad renter

Some messages, you (hopefully) know to just plain ignore such as the one above.

Below are five people you want to stay away from. If you encounter these people, rent at your own risk.

Workers of the Night (sometimes day)

prostitutes on airbnb

You can spot them, male and female, with emails like this:
“Hey, are you available for immediate occupancy?  I would like to be there at 4 PM and will be out early tomorrow.”
Not all emails of this tune will be prostitutes, but there is a good chance it is, especially if you are in a bigger metropolitan area.

If they want to be in and out, have no back story of why they need this request granted and are leaving you winking smileys, don’t rent.  Seriously.  

Prostitutes on Airbnb can bring other problems such as drugs and violence.  Worst case, you might end up with an Airbnb orgy.  

If you’re desperate for income, know that the prospective renter is making a bold request, so ask some questions if you want to salvage this deal.

Mr. Johnny Unknown

mystery guest

Johnny, he sounds like a great guy.  His messages are crafted with care and is quick to respond with all the right answers.

But one thing, you have no clue what he looks like.

Face it (no pun intended), we are in a society where seeing is believing.  We want to know who we should expect to see at our front door on the day they arrive.

Some people don’t mind the suspense of not knowing what their potential roommate may look like.  Up to you, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Note to prospective guests:  Airbnb is built on a culture of transparency.  For real, grab a Facebook photo and upload it, or connect your Facebook to your Airbnb profile.

Peter McFricken-Party-Animal

party animal

Peter can’t even get a message to you without having misspelled at least two words.

Was he drunk throughout all of his college career?  Have his friends given up on him?

A big giveaway is their profile photo.

If it’s a shot of them passed out with marker all over their face, tell ’em to keep it moving.

If they are not mature enough to know what is appropriate for public viewing, then you probably don’t want them living in your house.

Party animals cannot be tamed and won’t listen to your rules.

Learn how to set Airbnb House Rules.

Pro Tip: Get ahead of the game by using this awesome party detection tool called NoiseAware–place it around the house, if it detects noise levels above a limit you’ve set, you’re automatically notified on your phone so you can address it before your neighbor or the cops do.

Sly Guy George

sly guy

They may make you an offer you cannot refuse, but stand firm.

You should do ALL of your business through Airbnb because of the benefits it offers.  Mainly their $1MM insurance policy.

Also, if things go wrong, you can cancel the reservation and have a neutral third party process refunds.

If you make an offline rental agreement, Airbnb will not be able to help.  You could become the victim of Airbnb squatters.

Rick the D*ck

rude airbnb guests

Naturally rude people carry a negative energy and can bring you a lot of stress.

If someone sends you a message, you reply, and then they have some comments or statements that rub you the wrong way, move on.

There are tons of amazing, happy guests out there.  By not hosting to these rude/negative guests you are helping keep the Airbnb community safe and strong.

Wrap Up

The headache, stress and possible loss exposure is not something you want to deal with, so pay attention.

If you are ever talking with someone and it doesn’t feel right, then don’t rent to them.  Simple as that.

It’s your home or property and they have no right to it, unless you grant them access.

What other guests have you met and wished you had never rented to?

Let us know in the comments below!

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