How to Set Airbnb House Rules

house rules

House rules will appear in your Airbnb listing, but you should also put them in the house.

Most guests will not remember or re-read your listing right before they check-in so a printed copy will help remind them of what the house rules are.

These rules are not guaranteed to be followed, but creating expectations will help you and your guests both have a better experience.

Below are rule categories and things to consider for each.

Extra guests

Are visitors or extra guests allowed?  How many?  What are the procedures for approval, if any?


Is smoking permitted, and if so, where?

Off-limit areas

Where can guests not go? Any possible penalties?

Eating areas

Can people eat in all areas of the home or are there designated spot in the rental unit?

Cleaning procedures

Where does trash go?  Should they clean the dishes?


Where to put it?

Gatherings or Parties

Are they allowed?  Max size? Approval?

Quiet hours

Are there any and when are they?  If you are leasing out a dedicated unit, consider your neighbors and follow what the norms are.


Are they allowed? If so, what size?  Any extra deposit?

Final Tips

  • Keep it simple – don’t over complicate rules
  • Be explicit – leave nothing open for interpretation

Rules suck, we all know this, so the last rule we always suggest is: HAVE FUN.  You just told them all these things they are not allowed to do, so leave them with a smile on their face.

What house rules do you suggest?  What are some clever ways to enforce them?
Let us know in the comments below!

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