How the Airbnb Can Benefit Older Adults

Airbnb older adults

The sharing economy is allowing us to consume and profit in a way we never thought possible. Creative companies are springing up every day that help us share our assets and increase our income. Older adults have more unused rooms in their home and spend more consecutive days away from their home than any other age group, yet less than 10% of hosts on Airbnb are over the age of 60. What seems to be the problem?

It’s simple, imagine if ten years ago someone told you that they were “staying at an Airbnb”, you would have no idea what they were talking about. This is the same situation many older potential hosts still find themselves in, they simply haven’t heard of, don’t know how to use, or don’t know anyone that has used Airbnb. One company, NestFiller, focuses on helping older adults fill spare bedrooms in their home using platforms such as Airbnb. NestFiller manages all aspects of your listing, no need to learn a new website, clean before guests arrive, or orchestrate key exchanges, especially if you’re on the beach half way around the world!

We’ve put together 4 reasons why snowbirds, empty nesters, and seasoned travelers should be hosts on Airbnb and taking full advantage of the sharing economy.


Retirees are able to supplement their retirement savings, travelers can travel more, and snowbirds can make extra money from the space they aren’t using for half the year! The average Airbnb listing in NYC generates $44,784 annually and is booked 80% of the time. Empty nesters quickly find themselves with an extra room or two once their kids head off to college, after all, you’ve raised a child, isn’t it about time their bedroom affords you a few weeks in the sun?

Data on average Airbnb prices and occupancy rates came from Beyond Pricing, which tracks thousands of listings in each of the cities we analyzed.


Hosts are able to meet people from all over the world. Airbnb recently published a blog post celebrating their 60+ hosts, who overwhelmingly loved their Airbnb experience. Most of all, hosts loved being able to connect with new people.


One of the greatest things you can do in this world is share with your fellow man. Whether it be lending a hand, a car, or a room, sharing benefits every one involved. The ability to list your home for a lower price than any hotel can offer not only benefit a traveler who otherwise may have never been able to experience your city, sharing your space benefits you. Airbnb is not only about generating extra income; it is about sharing your home and creating a more globally accessible world.

Nest Filler Airbnb


Airbnb gives us a sense of belonging to a worldwide community of sharers and travelers. Older adults who have had great experiences hosting on Airbnb will be much more likely to stay at an Airbnb when they travel. Changing the way we view accommodation is inspiring us to lean on the Airbnb community of sharers, travel more, and make money while you’re at it.

We hope we’ve convinced you to fill spare rooms in your home by hosting on Airbnb. NestFiller has launched in the New York City area and will be expanding our reach in the near future. We’d love to hear from you, [email protected].

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