Simple Techniques to Save Time as an Airbnb Host

save time as airbnb host


You’re up and running your Airbnb unit, but it seems more that Airbnb is running your life.  It’s so much work; Taking inquiries, checking guests in, cleaning up the rental unit, and oh yeah, maintaining the rest of your life too! So, if you are one of these Airbnb hosts, you will want to know the best ways possible to save money and time.

If you want to save time as an Airbnb host, you have to first keep a record of what you spend most of your time on.  How many hours a week do you communicate with guests?  How many hours do you spend cleaning?  How many hours do you spend checking guests in?  After you know where your time is spent, you can make an informed choice about what you need to optimize.  Spend your time on what makes you the most dollars per hour.  Here is an interesting post about Airbnb pricing.  Below is how to optimize your time.

airbnb time savingBatching

When guests come to rent your room for a short time period, they will likely use the sets of sheets and towel you prepare for them. This means you will have to deal with the laundry right after their checkout in order to have it prepared for the next occupants. Batching is an excellent time management technique, especially for Airbnb hosts, who have a number of rooms available for rent. You can invest in a number of towels, linens, and sets of sheets so that you will not need to do the laundry right after each checkout.  You can drop them off at a fluff and fold shop, or do them all at once at a laundromat or your home.   You may want to keep a locked storage area for extra linens in each unit that you or the cleaning person can access to prepare for the next guest. You should be doing laundry at most, once per week.  If your average stay is 3 days, make sure you have 3 sets of linens to get you through a week.

Division Of Labor

Another Airbnb time-saving technique is to properly divide your work. In this method, you will need the presence of a partner.  After you have selected a dependable partner, you need to work out a strict division of labor and schedules.  Doing everything yourself can be hard and straining, and adding a partner means less money coming directly to you.  Having a partner does not mean you need to do 50/50 split in profits.  Each person should be compensated fairly according to their contribution.  Also, you may find a partner that actually enjoys doing the things you dislike, and you can get them for cheaper than you think.  Our advice is to get a partner and save your sanity.

cleaningHire Some Help

Is the $50 cleaning fee you collect worth you spending 3 to 4 hours  doing all the work by yourself?  Sometimes, time is more important than money, so make sure to spend it wisely by hiring the cleaning services of someone.  Some expenses are worth spending on and may free up your time to do other things such as managing another unit or booking more guests.



lower your cleaning service feeReduced Airbnb Cleaning Fees

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These tips are only some you can use in order to save time as an Airbnb host. But, make sure to include them in your checklist for effective time management.

What other tips do you have to that help save time as an Airbnb Host?  Share them with us in the comments below.

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