Tips to Write an Awesome Description for Your Airbnb Listing

Everyone wants to look professional when they are offering their services. When it comes to talking about themselves though, it is often that many people are at a loss and don’t know where to start.

This is why it is important to have some guidelines that encompass all the crucial points that you must include in your listing on Airbnb. Here are 7 tips to help you write an awesome description for your Airbnb listing.

Listing Description Tip #1: Get Ahead of Them

First and foremost, get ahead of your audience. Adopt the mentality of your potential customers and try to think the way they do. Try to imagine what questions they might have and answer those before they even ask them. These may include:

•    What is included and what is not?

•    What is the distance between your place and popular tourist attractions around you?

•    Is there a place to buy food nearby (such as a restaurant, a groceries store, a café)?

•    Are pets allowed?

•    Can your guests host a party at your place? If so, what is required of them in this case?

The list goes on and on. Once you get into the mind of your target audience, you will easily understand what issues might arise and you will be able to resolve them even before they occur.

This will increase the ‘useful’ factor of your listing and the people viewing it will be a lot more certain about all the possible aspects of staying at your place, which in turn will aid them in ultimately deciding to choose your services.

Listing Description Tip #2: Include High-Quality Pictures

Even though the description is fundamental, there’s no denying that the first thing catches the eye of your clients are the pictures and the title. Therefore, you must make sure that the name of your listing is unique and the images attractive.

The best way to do this is to ask a professional photographer to take pictures of your place so that they are in a high resolution. But obviously, not everyone can afford those or wants to spend money on them.

Consequently, there is an easy solution to this which is rendering your photos after you take them yourself. To do this, you can use the most popular program available: Adobe Photoshop.

It is not as complicated as most people say. Besides, you don’t need to make big adjustments. Was the lighting bad? Darken or lighten the picture. Maybe apply some effects.

The key point to keep on mind though is that you mustn’t change the appearance of your images too much. Your guests might get disappointed when they arrive and may leave negative reviews saying that the place is nothing like the pictures.

Listing Description Tip #3: Provide Reviews

When making your listing, you want to sound reliable and trustworthy. There is no better way to achieve this than provide your readers with your past customers’ reviews.

Make sure to create a Facebook page for your apartment or hotel. Post regular updates and ask people to comment on what they liked about staying with you. Let them speak for themselves and give honest impressions.

Another useful website for this is TripAdvisor which was specifically created for leaving reviews. Register your place there too. After you have both accounts set up, link them in your Airbnb listing.

Listing Description Tip #4: Persuade Them With Words

Going back to the description itself, it is worth stressing that your writing should be persuasive in all aspects. No one except for you can do a better job with describing your place. You know all the ins and outs, so it is highly recommended that you sit down and write it yourself instead of hiring a writer.

On the other hand, English might be not your native language and you won’t be able to write a comprehensive and engaging text in it. This is where the translation services come in. After you write and polish your listing in your native language, hire an expert to translate it into English or any other language you want it to be translated into.

Also, you can check PickWriters, a translation review website, to find the best of the best in their job. Besides, the translation rates are very good compared to other sites.

Listing Description Tip #5: Satisfy Them Visually

Most people feel satisfaction when they see aesthetically pleasing things. While your pictures are the primary source of visuals, you should never forget about the text itself. Good formatting goes a long way, and it doesn’t matter what you are writing.

Always try to structure your text properly. Include headings to break it up into sections. Never leave huge blocks of words – try to cut them up into paragraphs. Another good technique is including bullet point lists.

These will force you to be more concise and throw away unnecessary information that your clients don’t need. It will also help your readers to remember all your offers better and be able to effectively compare them to other options they have.

Listing Description Tip #6: Find Your Uniqueness

You are just as good as you are original. There are so many other listings that might look just like yours, which is why it is crucial to find that specific voice that will make you stand out of the crowd.

Ask yourself a few questions to understand what makes you different from anyone else. These may include:

•    How is my location more comfortable than others’?

•    Are there any innovations installed in my place that will help my guests enjoy themselves to the maximum?

•    Will the cost of my place affect the decision-making process of my potential clients?

•    What extra benefits do I offer to my customers that others don’t?

Always look for a way to make yourself appear better and more attractive. You don’t necessarily have to be weird for this, but you must show that your potential guests will gain more and lose less by staying at your place compared to others.

Listing Description Tip #7: Call To Action

Last but not least, make sure that you add a call to action at the very end of your listing. It might be a simple “Call now and book!” or something more complicated that will create urgency.

For example, you may say that this whole month has been taken already so the reader must hurry to be able to secure a place for the next one. Or you may say that you have a limited number of offers for early bookers. They will get an additional meal or an extra free day of stay.


To sum up, there are only seven easy aspects that you should include into your listing on Airbnb to make it the best one you can have. If you follow these, it is guaranteed that the number of views of your listing will be steadily high, while the calls to book a place will be regular or even growing.

Don’t try to jump over any of these, because this might decrease the usefulness of your listing.

After all, it all depends on you and you only!

This article is written by guest writer Kristin Savage of PickWriters, a translation review website.

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