From Tragedy to Superhost: An Airbnb Host Story

Earlier this week, we asked our many readers about how their Airbnb hosting journey began.  We received many responses that made us laugh, cry, and even inspired.

Airbnb has helped many hosts find a fun and rewarding secondary source of income.  But as you’ll see, it has also been absolutely life changing for some.

Here is story coming directly one of our superhost readers C.R.

(note: Shared with permission. BOLD emphasis from reader, underlined emphasis from LearnAirbnb)


PTSD to Airbnb ………

A message of thanks to LearnAirbnb

For many years I’ve worked as a massage therapist in a converted garage/spa behind my home. And I had a sweet older friend that I hung out with, checked on and loved like a sister as her family lived far from here. A young man that did odd jobs for my friend robbed her. I was the one to discover this. 4 months later my daily phone check became distressing with no response and when I went to her home found her murdered. My world changed drastically that moment.

I was suddenly no longer able to give the massage therapy and care that my patients so cherished. The struggle was to keep myself from coming unglued or falling apart without warning.

A trip to visit my best friend in the hospital in Germany led to a 2 day stay in an Airbnb and a real treasure of discovery happened. It was through this stay that I realized that I needed to shift focus and become a host after converting my spa into a charming cottage.

ENTER LearnAirbnb…I was determined to make this new plan a thriving business adventure as I had with my massage therapy work. I needed to find the pros, the teachers, the ones in the know. Much like being in college I read, devoured everything that Symon and Jim published, advocated and advised.

Their every word was critical for me and I followed their advice and when I was ready to hit the Publish button I got my first booking in 10 minutes. And I have had the most amazing time since with fabulous guest and it’s been real fun.  Last month, I received the Super host status and my bookings have even surpassed my goal of 20 days a month.

Also, last month that young man was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Thank God!

I am now sleeping again and on the road to more stability.

I am thrilled to learn more with each new encounter as a host and working to take it all in. There is always so much to learn as people are so varied and I am so grateful to LearnAirbnb for helping my road back from PTSD to Airbnb – I found you, LearnAirbnb at the perfect time and what a total blessing that has been for me – so when you think or wonder about the impact you might be having with your work on others – I’m here to say you played a big part like being the boat during a bad storm that helped carry me to shore and safety.

Thanks so much for the work you do.   

Forever grateful – Happy host  C R

We’re so grateful and humbled to be part of this reader’s inspiring Airbnb journey.

What is your Airbnb origin story? How has hosting on Airbnb changed your life?

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