Why You Should Decorate Your Airbnb in California Coastal Style

(Source: Eco Farmhouse Oasis via Airbnb Plus)

Hi I’m Val, from Quill Decor. Welcome back to the Design Style blog series I’m writing for LearnBNB. Each week I’m diving into a different Style outcome from my Free Airbnb Style Quiz

Last week I talked about Mid Century Modern style mixed with Eclectic elements. This week, we’re going to the California Coastline where things are relaxed, yet bright and airy. 

Cali Coastal style infuses the serene feeling of being near the West Coast shore into an inviting home environment.  This style invites bare feet to prop up on a linen sofa for a sun nap. The best accents to use are driftwood, rattan and seagrass. Color palettes generally use bright airy shades of beige on white, mixed with tans and sometimes hints of blue. 

Source: Farmhouse Oasis

Want to Achieve a California Coastal Style in your Airbnb?

Here are some easy things you can do to create the cool Cali Coastal style in your rental!

  Easy Action Items:

  • Sisal is a color right? Umm, Yeah! Keep the color palette super simple with bright whites, lots of natural grasses and woods, and keep your color pops very intentional and minimal. 
  • Must Love Plants. Layer in a few very well made fake ones if you want, but do add plants to your rental to achieve that easy breezy SoCal charm. 
  • Rattan, Sisal and Jute galore. Add all the natural woods, baskets, and grasses you want! They all work well together and you can’t have too many in this style genre. Add a bit of black metal to keep things grounded, like in the curtain hardware, end tables or lamps.  
Source: Farmhouse Oasis

Inspiration Image Source: Farmhouse Oasis

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See you back here next week when I’ll dive into another exciting design style option for your rental, Contemporary Cottage!

Happy hosting!

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