DO NOT Clean Your Airbnb


Having multiple Airbnb rental units can be a time consuming job that forces you to wear many hats from marketing, guest relations and even the cleaning crew.  Having to be everyone all the time can be a strain on your mind, but even worse, your quality of work will not always be top-notch.

To become a successful host, you need to focus your time on what makes you the most money.  DO NOT clean your Airbnb unit!  Delegating the routine and less value-adding tasks to other people will free up your time for growth.  Spending two hours cleaning your rental unit after every stay may be a waste and your time might be better spent replying to new inquiries or even finding another unit.

Airbnb allows you to charge a cleaning fee so take advantage of it, but don’t abuse it.  Of course it says cleaning fee, but no one tells you how to spend your money.  The extra money you collect from your guests can go to spending on a variety of services to make your operation more efficient.

Airbnb Cleaning Services to Consider

  • Cleaning/Maid
  • Laundry pickup
  • Landscaping


  • Keeps your unit in the best shape
  • Frees up your time for value-adding tasks
  • Allows you to focus on your core business
  • Delivers a consistent and quality experience


lower your cleaning service feeReduced Airbnb Cleaning Fees

For a limited time, Handy is offering hosts their first 2-hour cleaning for only $29! Click this link to claim this special offer.
Last thing…Squeaky-clean, perfectly set up spaces take time.  Give yourself and/or your vendors enough time to make sure your listing looks its best before your next guest arrives.  This is especially important when check-outs and check-ins are on the same day!

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