How to Host When You Have Pets


Pets, they’re awesome aren’t they?  But sometimes they can become a hassle such as when you are renting out your space to visitors.

First and foremost, let your guests know that you have pets, even if you will not be keeping your pets at the unit.  Some people are deathly allergic to dogs and cats, and these allergic reactions can be triggered merely by the pet dander left on the couch or floor.  This disclosure creates transparency and helps build trust between you and your renters.

Next, let the renters know if the pets will be there or not during their stay.  You can keep the pets there, but know that it can deter some visitors from renting your unit.  If you are renting out a room of your home, it is more likely that you will keep the pets on the premises.  If you are renting out your entire home or a dedicated unit, you will probably want to find other accommodations for your pets.

A pet that requires a relatively fair amount of upkeep such as a dog or cat, we suggest not keeping it in the unit unless you will be there.  If you are going to be relocating your pets, some places to look for are dog boarding or even cat houses.  Make sure to factor this cost into your budget.

Fish, reptiles or difficult-to-move pets, make sure to let your renters know that they will be there.  If feeding them is easy like putting some fish food in, you can request that they help…put this in the description!  If it’s a snake and you have to drop in frozen mice, then that’s an accident waiting to happen.  Reconsider if you really want to rent or not at that point.  Overall, use your best judgement and think what would your target audience prefer.

What experiences have you had with pets as a host or renter?  Let us know in the comments below!

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